The New Latency is an experiment, a movement; a dynamic exchange between personal and environmental wellbeing. It exists to create tools for consideration; as opportunities that look to respond to today’s collective challenges through balanced, holistic and pluralistic perspectives. Tools that reflect the vibrancy of our societies alongside the needs of our environment. When we talk about the environment we mean at every scale; we mean the spaces we exist in; our internal environments and our external environments; our mental health and the homes we spend time in; the cities we enjoy and the economies we rely on.

       Personal and environmental wellbeing should co-exist – and whilst we may not have all the solutions for how that manifests right now, we are committed to exploring the possibilities. Our choices and methods for living have direct and indirect affect on the wellbeing of ourselves, those around us and the planet. These experiments will look to create real, resonant and solution based systems for sustainable living. The first experiment we're looking to launch will be an iOS app, which you can sign up to be a BETA tester here.

        We are not scientists, economists or psychologists. We are designers, creative directors and architects; a small and ambitious team, leveraging our experiences, disciplines and passion for democratising wellbeing of people and planet through a medium of communication.