We believe its time brands, companies and big tech step up to lead the way in supporting a shift in behaviour that considers more than a financial bottom line. It’s a bold vision and it needs to be. We believe it's achievable by supporting and diversifying the planet’s ecological, emotional, societal, ethical, environmental, psychological and infrastructural bottom lines.

       The New Latency is born out of a desire to give technology the right place in our lives. It is not one size fits all - and neither is wellbeing. It is an endless dialogue. It’s a lifelong investment. It's personal and social. It’s introspective and tangible. It's a new currency. With a sentiment of unconditional positive regard, design is our medium and dialogue is our message. We’re all different; our experiences are different, our view of the world, of ourselves and of our of our day to day is different – and so we should have tools that mould to those differences. Using a collaborative cross-discipline approach, we're breaking with norms and promoting cultural and positive change; attempting to launch a more progressive tech product without using traditional routes. We exist to explore the means of creating a more sustainable system for living that is inclusive, transparent, ethical and relevant to all corners of society.

       'Wellbeing' doesn’t need to be that awkward conversation at the dinner table and it doesn’t need to be a conversation that’s never had – it's time we see it as a much more progressive series of ideas, making room for open, honest and respectful discussion.