We are people first and foremost, rooted in ethics, transparency and a global view. We cannot do it all on our own and we greatly value a plethora of ideas, opinions and perspectives. We are greater than the sum of our parts. We work with a rich blend of talented individuals, from writers to photographers, sound designers to app developers. It’s in every email we send, every discussion we have and every hour we spend working on the concept that our collective wellbeing comes before anything. We commit to paying people their value. We view ‘global’ as an opportunity to enable a deeper, more meaningful understanding of people, places and cultures; using that understanding to connect with people around the world.

       Our overarching cornerstone is Unconditional Positive Regard; a theory developed by renowned psychologist Carl Rogers. A counter way of thinking that accepts and supports people, regardless of what they say or do. There’s no single best way of going about life and so we understand that it is not our role to tell anyone to live, behave or think in a certain way. Our aim is to be a supportive platform in the pursuit of wellbeing across the board. We plan to do this with refined design, culture and a good dose of humanity.